Project Brief

The Architecture around us and the homes we live in has a huge impact on our health, behaviour and well-being. This is often subtle and can go unnoticed, but at Nest, we understand the value this can have on improving people’s lives. It is this we are truly passionate about.

Project Brief

At Nest, the process begins by listening to you. You are the fundamental driving force behind your project and the decisions that will be made.

Developing an initial brief is not as simple as jotting down a list of requirements, but rather a process of getting to the core of your aspirations and motivations for investing in your home. Wanting to produce beautiful and inspiring spaces is just a starting point for us. We want to understand how you live, how your home compliments your lifestyle, and what currently doesn’t work and why.

The process also takes into account critical factors such as what your budget is, as well as any evident planning and technical issues that may impact what you hope to achieve. Our professional advice begins on day one, and together with you, we work to develop a brief that is informed, accurate and realistic. Our experience has taught us that the more honest and detailed this process is, the smoother and more stress free the project will be for you.

After an initial phone consultation, we’ll come out to meet you and view your property. During this visit, we’ll gather all the information we need to start forming your project brief.

What questions will you need to consider for this meeting?

  • How much are you willing to invest in your project
  • What currently does not work in your home and why
  • What are your favourite things about your home
  • Are there aspects of your lifestyle you wish to change
  • What aspects of the project do you see as being absolutely essential
  • What aspects might be considered more ‘nice-to-haves’
  • Are you aware of anything that might hinder what you want to achieve
  • Have you considered the style or character of the changes you wish to make

Once complete, a draft copy of the brief will be sent to you for discussion and any issues that may impact your project will be highlighted to you. Once agreed, a final copy will be completed and sent back, together with our fee proposal to undertake your project. During this stage we will also carry out an initial cost review of what you hope to achieve, with some approximate costs broken down into the main project construction elements, such as ground floor extension, loft conversion, interior layout changes and so on. Developing your project brief, visiting your home and completing an initial cost estimate will all be carried out free of charge.