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We bring uniqueness to your project, balancing function and creativity

Nest House Renovation
Nest House Renovation
Nest House Renovation

With 18 years of experience in residential projects in Bristol, our portfolio demonstrates the diverse range of inspirational spaces that we’ve helped create. Together we bring uniqueness to your project, balancing function, and creativity.

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"From the finest classic look to the latest contemporary design, we will work with you to understand how you will live in and use the space, now and in the future translating these into real life design concepts.”

Nest House Renovations

Our Difference

A clear and transparent pricing structure to leave you with complete peace of mind

No matter your budget our team will design and create an amazing space which enhances the way you live. Improving lifestyles is key to our ethos and percolates through all elements of what we do. No matter how awkward the space or limited it may appear, our experience and expertise across the whole spectrum of design, manufacture and build allows us to maximise the end result whatever the budget.

Our Work


Often starting with inspirational images, we establish a sense of the lifestyles you lead (or want to lead). Spending time talking and listening allows us to understand how you move around and use the space you have. We then combine these ideas with the everyday practicalities of children, pets, work and play to create inspirational spaces that will challenge and excite.

Design + Build

We offer a complete design and build service that covers all aspects of your project from start to finish, from pre-planning and planning advice and submissions, including Listed Building consent, through to the development of a full project plan and product specification using our in-house Architecture practice. From here, we will complete the necessary construction drawings before fully project managing the build, taking care of all the details, whilst always providing regular updates on budgets and overall project scopes.


Our ethos is to always give you good value for money, balancing what you would like to achieve, with the practicalities and associated costs of each option. With the completion of 80 projects per year we have a strong sense of specification costs and will always work to achieve a balance between design aspiration and your budget.