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Project No. 1347

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The Brief

2-storey renovation in Redland, Bristol

The clients came to us prior to purchasing the property with the brief to transform this Victorian home including the creation of a large open plan lower ground floor to house a new kitchen/dining/living space & utility/WC space. We guided them through layout options and guide project prior to exchange before starting the renovation on completion of the purchase. The renovation included the repositioning of the main staircase to the lower ground floor and a garden renovation.

The Challenge

The existing kitchen/dining was located on the lower ground floor with poor light quality & the main staircase cut through this space compromising the layout. The plan agreed on was to open the lower ground floor level up to create a large open plan kitchen/dining space with direct access to the garden via a new seamless patio in addition to the fabrication & installation of a new bespoke staircase in the entrance hall.

The Solution

Our strategy was to remove a section of 1 large external walls on the lower ground floor, reposition the main staircase and move the kitchen to the back half of the space to allow for a revised kitchen/dining arrangement. This entailed reorienting the internal layout to create a new utility/WC and storage area in addition to refurbishment of the existing entrance hall to accommodate the revised stair configuration.

The lower ground floor required a large amount of structural works in readiness for new internal & external Crital style doors. A contemporary kitchen was designed, manufactured and installed along with several other bespoke pieces of furniture. Due to the reconfiguration of the entrance hall the staircase had to be carefully positioned to still provide good access to the other levels. The addition of the new patio at the rear created a direct access to the garden from the new kitchen/dining space.