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Birds are the ultimate nest-builders. Each species has its own unique nest building techniques and creates these structures without ever getting confused. But construction is a detailed and difficult undertaking. Finding the right building materials is essential.

Just as birds in the wild have evolved their techniques and methods, so have we, by developing Nest’s 6-step process.

1. Initial site visit

Once you’ve registered your interest and we’ve discussed your project, we’ll organise a visit to your home. Here we’ll take detailed dimensions of the rooms, inspecting your current electrical layout and fuse board and noting positions of any utilities and structural details that will have an impact on a new layout. We often take a look at joining rooms and exterior elevations for use in our concept designs.

We’ll also discuss in depth your various wishes and our initial thoughts on potential designs, using our historical knowledge to spot potential issues that may need resolving. At this point, we can leave you with our detailed design brief to start work on the concept designs. Some clients like creating mood boards or scrapbooks to show us the look or lifestyle they want to create. Likewise, we produce mood boards using Pinterest and Houzz to share ideas we think may suit the spaces, in addition to previous projects we have completed where appropriate.

Nest_Process_Step 1

Nest_Process_Step 2

2. Budget

Every project has one. Experience has taught us that designing a project in the wrong way can have a huge impact on the overall budget. Everyone has to spend within their means regardless of the scale of work to be under taken. For this reason, we ask for a rough guide on budget so we don’t come back and present designs that aren’t feasible.

On budgets that are more restrictive, to achieve the ultimate objective we may suggest taking a phased approach to get the physical spaces right, leaving the project in a position where further enhancements to the finish can be made over time, as resources allow.

We have worked with budgets from £5,000-£750,000 and are confident that wherever in the range you sit, design needn’t be compromised.

3. Concept Design

Once we have the design brief and budget from you, our creative team start the design process back in the studio. Taking the detailed survey, we draw plans and elevations, creating a three dimensional model to aid us in designing the initial layouts. Utilising the specification and initial designs we’ve discussed, we start planning the best possible solutions, taking great care to balance form and function.

We know that our initial ideas fulfil the brief when we start getting excited about the designs. Only then is it time to arrange a meeting with you to go through our proposal. This will include various drawings and models, depending on the requirement. At this stage interior projects can be seen in three dimensions, using our augmented reality software, ‘virtually’ placing you into your newly designed rooms. The proposal will include an initial quotation and if you are happy, we can start discussing the finer detailing.

Nest_Process_Step 3

Nest_Process_Step 4

4. Development & Consent

Sometimes we get our designs right first time but we appreciate that, in any case, your thoughts may change prior to us starting, as you begin imagining the space in its finished state. We will work with you, challenging where required, to make sure we settle on a scheme that aims to exceed your expectations.

We will also collaborate with your architect or our preferred partners to help you get any necessary planning consent once we have settled on a final design. In addition to the more standard submissions, we work closely with a team of planning consultants to make sure the scheme we are proposing is most likely to receive the approval we need to get started.

5. Construction & Finishing

This is the messy bit, but that said, whether you continue to live on-site while the work is completed or move out for a time, we will always be considerate to not only your needs but those of other affected parties, to mitigate any stress.

The test drive – whilst we aim to always leave projects fully completed, it’s likely there will be the odd item that needs some attention. With every job, we schedule time in future weeks to make sure we have the team available to come back at short notice to get any final detailing just right.

Nest_Process_Step 5

Nest_Process_Step 6

6. Aftercare

We have built a strong reputation with all our previous customers for the pride and diligence we take in everything we do. We will always make ourselves available to come back should you not be completely satisfied with any element of the commission and for complete peace of mind will provide a 2 year guarantee on all works completed.

Create your nest.

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